Friday, April 29, 2011

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Springtime in Kentucky is beautiful

Cheerful Violas I planted

Bugleweed I planted

We took a drive and found some stunning spring flowers, I had to stop and take these pictures

Springtime in Kentucky, the Red Bud trees are in bloom

Not sure of the name of this flowery bush, but it smelled wonderful

Beautiful spring tulips

My crochet project for the drive, a cotton granny-square placemat

An intriguing diorama

Funky vintage wall art

Interesting and somewhat scary sign in a women's restroom

Friday, April 1, 2011

Reading up... on Literacyhead

Good Morning folks,

My work was recently featured in an awesome online educational magazine called Literacyhead.  I was excited to participate in this feature because I was impressed with this group and the tools they provide for teachers and kids.  I am thoroughly engrossed as I scroll through the illustrations they have included in their learning modules.  

The neat thing about this site is how they break words and concepts down into easy to understand definitions, aided with example sentences and pictures.  It is so encouraging to see an organization like Literacyhead promoting reading and vocabulary. 

I have found countless inspirational writers and illustrators in my journey as a reader.  I now realize how important it is to start that journey young.  I still have many of my favorite children's books tucked away (in the same closet with the oboe...) and their intricate stories and dreamy illustrations continue to influence my work.

My Drawing is featured in part of the "Visual Vocabulary: Images for Teaching Words" module, in which text from the children's book Sophie's Masterpiece, by Eileen Spinelli (illustrated by Jane Dyer), was selected and then paired with images that illustrated specific vocabulary words.

Scrolling down the link page (included below), you will see the quote "I'll weave those strands into the baby's blanket."  You should be at the fourth vocabulary word "Strands: pieces of string, yarn, thread or hair."  

Here you will see three illustrated examples of the word (including my Young Lady With Large Hair drawing) and an example of what the word does not mean.

Navigate here to see the Literacyhead feature.

**Please note: the link posted here has changed since this post was published, it no longer mentions the children's book above but you can still view my work**

Thank you to Jamie D'Angelo, Editor of Literacyhead, for contacting me and including me in such a special and admirable endeavor.

You can read more about Literacyhead from their homepage here:

Or check them out on Facebook.

Here are some of my favorites from childhood:

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