Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Homemade Heart

This little kitty is up for sale in the shop today!  {stay tuned to the blog for updates about my new shop venue, coming spring 2012}
She's so proud of her heart-shaped card.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Saturday Adventure

A day for adventure.  We got in our car and drove.  Dragged Gilbert along with us. The only stop we planned was our favorite milk shake stop in Midland.  I always get peanut butter flavor.

Things found along the way:

Did you have a nice weekend?  Any adventures?

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Thank You Card

Here is my finished thank you card.  I like the way the Queen Anne's Lace turned out.

I picked some of those special blue flowers that grow next to the highway.  They lost all their color just a little while after I put them in water.  Next time I will leave them in the ground and just take pictures outside!

Here are some shots of the baby lettuce, green onions, and radishes from the garden.  It is so satisfying to walk out to the garden, pick things, and then come back into the house and make your lunch with it!  Food doesn't come any fresher.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Another Two New Prints Listed Today!

Good afternoon!  I am happy to share these two new illustrations for sale in my shop. {stay tuned to the blog for updates about my new shop venue, coming spring 2012}

Separations I by Laura Haywood

Separations II by Laura Haywood

I hope you are all having a nice afternoon.  I'm sipping a home made iced coffee and finishing up a hand-drawn Thank-You Note.  The Queen Anne's Lace is in full bloom out here and I decided it would look perfect and summery on this card.

I fought the mosquitoes for this humble little bouquet of daisies and queen anne's lace.  So far, the cats have allowed it to live in the house.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Wonderful and Dazzling!

What a happy birthday it was.  Good food and fun times with my family.

My sister must be the best gift-wrapper ever.  Her wrapping methods are always so crafty and unique.  I love the simplicity of the brown craft paper paired with that soft turquoise yarn.  I am always able to keep the little decorative elements and re-use them.  I plan on finding a special place for the little butterflies and bird.  

Would you like to know what beauties were tucked inside that wonderful wrapping paper?


I tried not to squeal too loud in the restaurant.

I can't wait to find places to stick all of these!

I might be 29 years old now, but I am still bedazzled by any sparkly, rainbow-colored, iridescent item that reminds me of when we were little.  Especially if it involves a unicorn, a dolphin, anything from the 80s, or home-made bouncy balls!  And yes, I still color in coloring books.  I don't know if I will ever be too old for that.  My sister knows this about me and she is not afraid to provide these glowing, show-stopping sundries in abundance for every holiday and birthday.  Oh just wait until we have kids... I think she's going to be the best "cool aunt" ever.

We had the best lunch at our favorite restaurant, Asian Wind.  Hidden so strategically in a crowded strip mall among such mundane venues as a Q-doba, a Rite-Aid, and a bank, one must diligently hunt for this place like a 1st generation Beany Baby at a crowded thrift store.  The location is deceptively ordinary.  It does not give any hint of the amazing food to be found inside.

I ordered the won-ton soup and the sesame chicken.  They have an amazing faux chicken there too for vegetarians who miss those sweet and saucy chicken dishes.  I'm not sure how better to describe to you the wonder that is Asian Wind without using the word "ecstasy."  We find ourselves in a hushed silence when the food comes to the table.  All you will hear is the muted crunching and short sighs of happiness for some time.  Everything is so wonderful-tasting!  My sister even ordered a to-go dish for her partner who couldn't be there.  After our recent move, we have to trek approximately an hour and 20 minutes to this bit of heaven, but it is so worth it!

What a happy day.  Despite a heat index of 104, we had a lot of fun.
The rain cooled things down some while we went to the used book store.  Take a look at these lovelies!

I've already started reading the Amy Tan.  She's one of my favorite authors.  What are some of your favorites this summer?  

Monday, July 11, 2011

Lovely Things I Want! (updated)

Tomorrow I'll be turning 29 years old.  I don't think I'll be freaking out though until I hit 35 maybe.

Extra special big birthday plans:  meeting my family at our favorite Asian restaurant in Lexington.  (Pictures of the awesome food and good times are to come!)

Here is a small list of lovely items I would just love to be ripping the wrapping paper off of tomorrow!

**UPDATE!!!** Someone special went and bought me some of these fantastic items (note the check marks over some of the images)  and... ** The incredibly generous Tonia, owner of greenmot is sending me a birthday gift of the Wrap-Around-Unicorn Ring all the way from Australia!  What a lucky girl I am! **

What's on your birthday wish list?

Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Library in Summertime, Fresh Fruit Salad, and some Garden Shots

A trip to the library, making fruit salad, and checking out the garden inspired these shots yesterday.  Hope everyone is having a happy, relaxing summer.  Gilbert (our dog) sure is.

There's something so magical about an empty college library in the summer.  It's like we have all the books to ourselves.

These shiny, wet grapes remind me of glass marbles.  I remember a contest at my elementary school in the summer where we fished marbles out of a big galvanized tub of water with our toes.  Being from Michigan, I remember that water being so cold that it hurt your feet.  So the object turned out to be plucking out as many marbles as you could before your feet went numb.

I lucked out and got a really sweet bunch of red grapes and watermelon to put in the fruit salad for a family reunion today.

Our cat, Jane, loves taking walks with us out to the garden in the mornings.  I believe she's loving this country living more than her old city life.

Here is our first tomato. I think it's going to be a big one.

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