Wednesday, August 31, 2011


Check out this charming treasury created by Tina of StitchingInCircles.

Ready for Inspiration!

The dissertation theme is such a good one!  I love the muted color palette.  Almost makes me miss those days as a student, working hard in the library, deadlines looming.  I feel for all the people out there working on the daunting task of completing their dissertation!  My print Finishing the Dissertation, was inspired by my big sister, who is working towards her PhD right now.  Thanks to Tina of StitchingInCircles for thoughtfully including my work!

Good luck to all those hard-working students out there returning to school.

Wandering in Michigan

Photos taken during a walk down by the lake yesterday.

Sunday, August 28, 2011


We walked down to our neighborhood pub the other evening and it turned out to be a really fun time.  What good food they had!  We were all in need of some decompression. French fries with good ranch dressing, tasty summer beer, and chocolate can definitely help with that.  As well as a good walk in the rain.

Friday, August 26, 2011

New Location

I am pleased to share that I will be broadcasting this blog from Northern Michigan for the time being. 

 We are preparing for an extended stay here in the North. 

Looking forward to sharing some pictures of our time here! 

What a busy summer it's been.

Friday, August 12, 2011

7 things

This post was inspired by Meredith's intriguing answers over at one sheepish girl

Here is a strange and random glimpse of 7 things pertaining to Laura...

1 - The mouth of The Two Heart, in Michigan's Upper Peninsula (again)

2 - Prince Edward Island, Canada

3 - Fallingwater, in rural southwestern Pennsylvania

4 - The Farm, near Summertown, Tennessee

6 - The Chatsworth House in Derbyshire and it's gardens (one of the filming locations for "Pemberly" in Pride and Prejudice)

7 - Sequoia National Forest

1 - A quilt... from start to finish
2 - Another sundress
3 - A woven rug
4 - My own yarn
5 - A crocheted warm sweater

6 - These Homemade Pickles
7 - Beeswax candles

1 - Our own home
2 - A Llama
3 - Chickens
4 - A good record player
5 - A really good color printer that can print large format too

6 - More clothing with unicorns on it, like this.

7 - These sweet little Cat Eye Frames

1 - Mean people (they need to be scolded)

2 - Really loud cars/trucks/motorcycles (they hurt my ears)

3 - Mustaches on sticks (I don't get the craze)

4 - Finding typos, misspelled words, and grammatical errors in commercial signs and business correspondence (it makes one look incompetent)

5 - Text message lingo (abbreviations that I don't get)

6 - When DVDs start messing up and you have to skip a whole chapter to keep it playing

7 - Cat or dog hair in my food (can't get around this one)

1 - Charade 

4 - Soya
6 - Popple
7 - Spry

This was a fun post to try, and I would be interested in reading all of your answers too!  Feel free to post a link to yours down in the comments section.

Have a good weekend!

Thursday, August 11, 2011

Two New Prints Listed Today!

Summer sundresses were the inspiration for these two new prints in my shop. {stay tuned to the blog for updates about my new shop venue, coming spring 2012}

I could just live in sundresses all summer.  They are so easy to wear, especially the nice cotton kind.  Today the breeze was cooler and I was reminded that fall will be here soon though.  I plan to make the most of the rest of this season and wear my favorite dresses. 

These two drawings are now for sale in 8 x 10" prints!  Coming soon: ACEO and 5 x 7" prints.

*       *       *

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