Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today in the home office

Some shots from around the home office today. 

The view out my window today.
My colleague, the quiet writer, is tapping away contentedly on his keyboard.
Little did I know, just before I took this picture he was in the other room digging through the garbage.

And my administrative assistant is always busy.

It's shaping up to be a productive Wednesday around here.  We are excited to be receiving visitors soon for Christmas and New Year's!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

My first tutorial, a Free Download & Print project for you: Snowflake Gift Tags

I always love a good "How-To" post.  Especially the easy ones that only require things that are already right on your desk or lying around the house!  I am excited to share this wonderfully simple tutorial for making snowflake-shaped gift tags that can also function as neat little ornaments.  I'm providing the snowflakes!

Gather your materials:

scissors, tape, yarn or ribbon, a pen, a printer, paper (something sturdy like cardstock is best), and

 a sidekick (sidekick is optional)
Download my snowflakes page HERE. Simply save to your desktop and then print it out.

Make sure you wait a few minutes for the ink to dry.  Otherwise you might end up with smudged snowflakes.
  Fold your printed page in half lengthwise right down the middle of the two columns of snowflakes.
  Grab your scissors and start cutting out each pair of snowflakes that match, one row at a time.   
Make sure you leave a good ½” of white space around the snowflake as you’re cutting.  This will guarantee that you’re not cutting off any tips of the snowflake on the other side.   
Make sure to leave a small space uncut along the fold where each half will meet. This is where you will punch a hole for your ornament or gift tag
  Using a hole puncher or scissors, make a small hole right near the fold.  This is how you will string the ribbon through your gift tag.
  Open up the folded snowflake and write your holiday message inside, then attach it to your gift by threading some ribbon or yarn through the hole you made.
Or, if you are making an ornament instead:
Fold up a small piece of tape, stick it on the inside (blank part) of the snowflake and close the two halves together.   

Thread a piece of ribbon or yarn through the top and tie it in a bow.  Hang it up somewhere and admire your hard work.  It’s an ornament now!
This download is for personal use only.  Please do not use or sell commercially. :)
Did you make this project?  If so, I would love to hear about it.  Feel free to post a link to your own DIY or holiday craft project below.  

Monday, December 5, 2011

New work to share with you: BunBun and Zipper

I am happy to introduce BunBun and Zipper, two curious cats whose adventures include building and racing air ships above the woods behind their house.

These two very smart little cats can now be yours.  Check them out here in the shop. 
Please stay tuned to the blog to find out about my new shop venue... coming spring 2012.
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