Monday, June 4, 2012

Starting a new drawing today

Yes, I'm finally feeling inspired again.  Here's a quick look at a new project I started today.

Roses!  Yep, she's reading in a rose garden.  And she might be wearing cat ears.

I'm very happy with this rough sketch.  Can't wait to add some more roses.  I'll probably finish this in black ink.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Adventure

Last weekend we traveled to a neat new place and explored with nothing more than a spectacular packed lunch, a few bucks, and a camera.
Is spring here yet?
The lunch was homemade tuna salad wraps, red grapes, pistachios, yogurt with fruit and granola, and chocolate milk!
Here are some things we saw:
Some of the tallest trees I've ever seen
Beautiful and tall
This little old squirrel was very squinty and slow-moving
Cold water

 I also had the chance to see the artwork of Lenny Lyons Bruno.

The pictures of her work in the link above cannot compare to the warm and intricate layers I saw up close in the gallery.  Her interesting use of antique found objects had me peering into each chunky and complex three-dimensional piece like my favorite hidden object puzzles.  Each part of her Coal Camp Series had a really neat narrative that could only be recognized after lingering for several minutes at each piece.  I found this thoughtful article about her in Virginia Living.

I hope you are able to squeeze in a special adventure of your own soon.  I felt like my internal well of imagery had been sufficiently refilled and I was creatively inspired by the time we got home that afternoon.  I've found that when you work from home and you live out in the middle of nowhere, it's so easy to become a hermit.  Planning these weekend adventures is my way of making sure that doesn't happen.  :)

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Reading up... on Extra Yarn

I found a link to this sweet little book recently.  It's called Extra Yarn.  It's about a knitter named Annabelle,  and her magical box of yarn.  
I think it's a really cute storyline and the illustrations are very unique.  What a colorful, warm little story to spotlight as we all try to make it through these cold brown and grey winter days, isn't it?

You can take a look inside this book HERE.

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Snowy morning

We thought we might be done with winter, but here it is back again.

The month of January flew by for me.  I have closed my Etsy shop and have set many ambitious goals for the next few months.  I have started a self-directed course in Adobe Photoshop and it's a challenge but so necessary for my other goals!  I have also been working in the inspiring book by Julia Cameron: The Artist's Way.  I highly recommend it for any artist (visual, dramatic, musical, written word, etc.) who has been struggling with a creative block.

I hope to have a new shop venue opened this spring.  I look forward to sharing the progress with you. 

This fresh snow invigorates and excites me.  I hope you are having a productive and inspiring new year too!

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Two New Prints Listed Today!

There are now two new prints listed in my Etsy shop today. {stay tuned to the blog for updates about my new shop venue, coming spring 2012}
Trot on over to the Sparrow Moon and take a look!

Here's a sneak peek:

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Meet the Artist: Daniel Mullendore

Today's post is part of my new blog series called "Meet the Artist."  Each month I will be interviewing a different artist and featuring several examples of their work.  This month I chose Daniel Mullendore, of Pullman, Washington.  Daniel studies plant biology at Washington State University and creates the vivid micrographs you see here.  Scroll down to read the full interview below. 

Pink Corn Root by Daniel Mullendore

"The aesthetic value of plant anatomy is often overlooked in the course of scientific inquiry. Light microscopy, with the aid of dyes, yields images of hidden landscapes imbued with color and symmetry. These beautiful microscopic structures are eclipsed by more easily observable botanical features, such as foliage and inflorescences. All of my images are micrographs of plant anatomical features that may be dyed to accentuate differing cell wall features."
Merriam-Webster defines a micrograph as "a graphic reproduction (as a photograph) of the image of an object formed by a microscope"

 Daniel took the time to answer a few questions about his work:

I like how your titles read like ingredients for a potion that might allow one to talk to unicorns for six minutes ... all we're missing is hoof root and dire wolf hair.  What is your favorite micrograph you've taken so far?

 "My favorite micrograph so far is Crystal Creek Stream Bed because the entire micrograph is one cell layer thick, which is extremely difficult to preform because parenchyma cells average 50 microns in diameter."

What inspired you to pursue a degree in plant biology?

 "My Grandma is my biggest inspiration because she would always let me help gardening in the summers and make jelly from wild picked berries."

 I like that your grandma is your biggest inspiration.  My grandma has inspired me too.  Have you had any formal training as an artist or are you self-taught?

"I completed a one semester course in beginning sculpture during my undergraduate degree but besides that I guess I am self taught."

Where do you hope to see yourself 5 years from now?

"In five years, I hope to be running my own lab, teaching students microscopy and perhaps traveling a bit to exhibit my artwork for public outreach." 

 What is one of your favorite cities you've lived in or visited?

 "I have two favorite cities, Paris, France and San Francisco, CA because of the food, art and culture."

What was the last album or song you listened to?

"The last album I listened to was Greatest Hits of Waylon Jennings (I love old time country)."

Ah, yes.  I find Willie Nelson and Hank Williams Sr. are both relaxing to sketch by. What was the last book you read? 

"The last book I have read is Taiz and Zeiger's "Plant Physiology". Boring, I know, but my prelims are in three weeks."

I bet it has a lot of interesting illustrations!  Good luck with your prelims and thanks for sharing your work!
*     *     * 

Find Daniel's unique shop (called MicroscopicArt) over on Etsy HERE.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

It snowed

 One magical afternoon or two ago, it snowed here in our corner of Kentucky.

Listening to the snow fall was calming after a hectic but nice holiday.  I hope you all had a nice holiday and are all feeling as inspired as I am to start some new goals this year.  One of my goals is to get my photography shop up and running.  I hope to be able to announce that pretty soon. 

Anyone else making any noble or crazy goals to see accomplished this year?  I would love to hear about them.
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