Tuesday, June 14, 2011


Our local Post Office
We visited the local Post Office recently.  One must step back in time here, and hopefully not need the aid of a computer, as this sweet little office does not use one.  We met Peach, who said she walked two miles down the mountain to open the office that morning, with a friendly yellow dog at her side.  I would like to learn more of the history behind this building next time we venture down there.  Perhaps I will be able to introduce you to Peach and the neighborhood dog in a photo next time.

Take a look at this giant moth!  Wingspan was at least six inches.  I am not sure if it will live.  It was very slow moving on the porch this morning, but I did save it from the cats.  Managed to take some great pictures of it too.   It's called a Polyphemus Moth I learned.

A Polyphemus Moth found on the front porch.
Had the court all to ourselves.

Yesterday felt almost like fall here.  It's very strange for the middle of June, and for some reason, putting on sunblock did not occur to me with such cool temperatures.  I ended up with a nice sunburn after we went out to play tennis.  Dang-it!

The moon is getting close to full.

Finished the night looking at the almost full moon and thinking how summers used to seem to last forever.  I hope you are having a relaxing summer so far.  I am in the process of planning a trip to Oklahoma for a family reunion.  It will be my first time driving there and it's going to be a long drive from Kentucky.  But luckily I will have my sister and husband crammed in our tiny hatchback with me.

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