Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Today in the home office

Some shots from around the home office today. 

The view out my window today.
My colleague, the quiet writer, is tapping away contentedly on his keyboard.
Little did I know, just before I took this picture he was in the other room digging through the garbage.

And my administrative assistant is always busy.

It's shaping up to be a productive Wednesday around here.  We are excited to be receiving visitors soon for Christmas and New Year's!


  1. Your administrative assistant has a mean streak.

  2. Now Now lets not be too hasty. It would appear that happiness is going down, so says a University of Vermont researcher and head of a new study on wellbeing. They say the proof is found on Twitter. Millions of users point to a global depression of an entirely non-monetary kind. Ya don't want to contribute to a decrease in world wellbeing do ya..

  3. I think she has enough happiness that she could give some away and still be a happiness billionaire. I should teach her how to tweet and blog maybe.


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