Monday, February 27, 2012

Weekend Adventure

Last weekend we traveled to a neat new place and explored with nothing more than a spectacular packed lunch, a few bucks, and a camera.
Is spring here yet?
The lunch was homemade tuna salad wraps, red grapes, pistachios, yogurt with fruit and granola, and chocolate milk!
Here are some things we saw:
Some of the tallest trees I've ever seen
Beautiful and tall
This little old squirrel was very squinty and slow-moving
Cold water

 I also had the chance to see the artwork of Lenny Lyons Bruno.

The pictures of her work in the link above cannot compare to the warm and intricate layers I saw up close in the gallery.  Her interesting use of antique found objects had me peering into each chunky and complex three-dimensional piece like my favorite hidden object puzzles.  Each part of her Coal Camp Series had a really neat narrative that could only be recognized after lingering for several minutes at each piece.  I found this thoughtful article about her in Virginia Living.

I hope you are able to squeeze in a special adventure of your own soon.  I felt like my internal well of imagery had been sufficiently refilled and I was creatively inspired by the time we got home that afternoon.  I've found that when you work from home and you live out in the middle of nowhere, it's so easy to become a hermit.  Planning these weekend adventures is my way of making sure that doesn't happen.  :)

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