Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Things I've been up to...

I hope you enjoy these autumn scenes and random sightings of interest as much as I did.  I can't resist sharing all these fall foliage pictures.  I feel so lucky to be catching these amazing colors up here in Michigan.

Evenings spent sipping apple cider, snacking on glazed doughnut holes, and playing cards have been thoroughly satisfying.  Not to mention finding the pumpkin spice flavored coffee creamer again.  My little dog Gilbert can usually be found stretched out on the couch, yipping and kicking in his sleep.  I imagine he's dreaming about catching the big black squirrels here in the yard.

I have all these things inviting me to stay inside: a freshly addicting computer game (see screenshot above), an equally addictive trilogy of novels that I'm 2/3rds of the way through, and a really good scented candle lit on a chilly day that is smelling up the house and making it feel cozy.  But it's so enchanting outside I'm going to have to go out in the wet leaves and take a walk tonight.

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