Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Winter is coming

It may be 70 degrees and rainy in our part of Kentucky today, but I can still feel winter coming as the nights turn colder.  I'm already getting in the mood for cutting out snow flakes!  Here are some really dazzling finds that are keeping me inspired today.

Winter Birch Trees project found here!
Isn't this a neat little project?  You can find out how to make this enchanting little scene step-by-step.  Just visit Kathy Barbro's blog Art Projects for Kids.  I love that Prussian Blue against the crisp white.  I think this would be fun for adults too!

Winter Textures by Grant MacDonald
The long shadows in this photo by Grant MacDonald remind me of our recent time spent in Northern Michigan, my birthplace.  Pretty much all day it looks like it's around 4:00 in the afternoon there during the winter.

How to make paper snowflake ornaments
This simple snowflake tutorial from Martha Stewart makes it very easy to create your own personal indoor blizzard.  I also like to make garland out of them.  I think I will go browse the rest of her neat craft ideas there.   

Snowflake Cake recipe
Isn't this cake pretty?  What an intricate design of white chocolate snowflakes on the top.  The cake is made from a yellow cake mix with pudding added for extra moisture.  Sounds good!

What are some of your winter inspirations or traditions?


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