Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Winter Project Ideas

Well it's getting colder outside and it's really making me want to be working on projects.  Something that lets me sit in a comfy chair by the woodstove and preferably with some soft yarn. 

I've been thinking of a few ideas for the winter that sound really warm and cozy. I recently made myself a cowl from a really soft cotton variegated yarn and it is probably the perfect accessory.  Mainly because it's warm, but also because it stays out of the way (unlike the ends of a scarf) and it looks really sophisticated!  

Don't they all look so happy, wearing their pretty little cowls?  I think I'm going to try making the top left one.  It's from Red Heart.

I was also checking out the pattern for a soft and fluffy rug.  The one shown above is crocheted from recycled T-shirts.  I am hoping you somehow magically don't have to worry about the rug scooting, making you slip and fall when you step onto the rug... otherwise that's going to mean inventing some kind of non-slip texture on the back.  Which does not sound that fun.

This is an image of a "healthy" fudge recipe from Aida S Cuisine.  It sounds interesting.
Here's a project that for sure won't include a non-slip texture strategy: making homemade fudge.   I don't have a candy thermometer, and I don't use the mixer.  I just do it the easy way where you dump the ingredients in the pot kind of like this recipe.

Well I hope to be able to share some of these completed projects with you soon.  It's nice and cold outside now, so I'd better get started on one of these.

What projects are you working on or hoping to get started soon?

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