Thursday, March 24, 2011

New work to share

Hello folks,

I am proud to present a new artwork for sale in my shop. {stay tuned to the blog for updates about my new shop venue, coming spring 2012}

The piece is entitled "The Recital," and depicts a budding violinist performing a solo. This piece was inspired by watching videos my fellow blogger and Etsian "Tollipop" posted of her musically gifted daughters. Thank you, Tollipop, for sharing these wonderful videos, I hope your daughters continue to succeed in all of their musical endeavors.

On a side note: I wish I had been pushed to continue playing my oboe. I played faithfully from 5th grade up until my junior year of high school and sadly lost interest. My poor little oboe is now tucked away hibernating somewhere in a closet...

To check out Tollipop's exquisite blog, follow this quick link.

1 comment:

  1. Maybe your Dad is glad you weren't pushed too hard otherwise the story may have had a traumatic ending. :-)

    Who knows, maybe someday the hibernating oboe will be dragged out and experience new life....


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