Monday, July 25, 2011

Saturday Adventure

A day for adventure.  We got in our car and drove.  Dragged Gilbert along with us. The only stop we planned was our favorite milk shake stop in Midland.  I always get peanut butter flavor.

Things found along the way:

Did you have a nice weekend?  Any adventures?


  1. Cerry looks at home in the wilderness.

  2. Hopefully Cerry doesn't melt on the dashboard.

  3. Bah! I'm green with envy at your weekend! I just sat around and wrote. Loaf the milkshake. WANT!

    Peace, Love and Puppies
    Raised By Wolves

  4. It was a very good milkshake! You and your blog sound very interesting, I'm tuning in. :)

    If you ever get down Kentucky way, we'll bring you on one of our car rides that I call "adventures"


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