Saturday, July 9, 2011

The Library in Summertime, Fresh Fruit Salad, and some Garden Shots

A trip to the library, making fruit salad, and checking out the garden inspired these shots yesterday.  Hope everyone is having a happy, relaxing summer.  Gilbert (our dog) sure is.

There's something so magical about an empty college library in the summer.  It's like we have all the books to ourselves.

These shiny, wet grapes remind me of glass marbles.  I remember a contest at my elementary school in the summer where we fished marbles out of a big galvanized tub of water with our toes.  Being from Michigan, I remember that water being so cold that it hurt your feet.  So the object turned out to be plucking out as many marbles as you could before your feet went numb.

I lucked out and got a really sweet bunch of red grapes and watermelon to put in the fruit salad for a family reunion today.

Our cat, Jane, loves taking walks with us out to the garden in the mornings.  I believe she's loving this country living more than her old city life.

Here is our first tomato. I think it's going to be a big one.

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